3N1 --> 3 In 1 Pail Opener

3N1 --> 3 In 1 Pail Opener
Item# 3N1

Product Description

3N1 --> 3 In 1 Pail Opener
The 3N1 Pail Opener will handle all of your plastic pail tasks. It removes pail lids with the tightest of seals, making it the ideal choice for use with UN Rated pails, and it cuts, lifts, and re-seals your pails.

  • All Aluminum pail opener
  • 21" long and weighs 1.25 lbs
  • Cutting head slits slotted covers without damaging the ring seal
  • Claw end is used for removing covers without slots
  • Flip the tool over and use as a hammer to reseal the lid