85A --> Morse ® Manual Karrier Makes Drum Pouring Easy

85A --> Morse ® Manual Karrier Makes Drum Pouring Easy
Item# 85A

Product Description

  • MORSE® Manual Drum Karrier
  • Has a method of controlled pouring
  • Drum karrier with high strength saddle
  • Wears resistant alloy chain tightener secures drum to the drum carrier
  • Safety lock protects ratchet from impact
  • large teeth provide greater holding power
  • 800 lb capacity or a 500 lb half drum capacity
  • A half drum will be unbalanced and bottom heavy so when you tilt it, the load shifts differently than if it were a full drum
  • Frame has tilt lock to positively hold drum vertical while transporting or horizontal while dispensing
  • Lockes are easily released for hand controlled tilting to any desire angle
  • Fits 55 gallon drum with 22 1/2 inch diameter between ribs
  • Drum dumpers lift, and pour from crane or hoist
  • Sparks Resistant Models are available through special order