Polypropylene Wide Mouth Jars

Polypropylene Wide Mouth Jars
These polypropylene wide mouth jars are a great option for your many needs. They are FDA compliant and have many uses. Store your gels or pastes in them. Do you have a thick cream product that you need storage for? This is your answer. Many sizes available for your needs. If your product is UV sensitive, the solid white color will protect your product for the sun's rays. These jars have a wide chemical resistance, and each jar comes with a white polypropylene cap with an F-217 liner. A great option for sending samples or for quality control inspections. Try them out. You will find these jars are just the thing you need.

For clear wide mouth jars, click here, or for metal tins click here.

Diam. (in.)
Height (in.)
Case Quantity
PPW1W-43 1 oz. White 43-400 - - 1188 $ 0.33
PPW2W-53 2 oz. White 53-400 2.1 1.8 637 $ 0.43
PPW4W-70 4 oz. White 70-400 2.7 2.3 300 $ 0.67
PPW8W-89 8 oz. White 89-400 3.4 2.3 140 $ 0.85
PPW16W-89 16 oz. White 89-400 3.4 3.9 140 $ 0.99
PPW32W-120 32 oz. White 120-400 4.4 4.1 48 $ 2.80
*Price shown on table is given per jar before the cost of shipping.
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