Different Colored Jars

PP, HDPE, & PET Plastic Jars by Color

Sometimes, the color of your PP, HDPE, or PET plastic jar matters. You have the perfect image in your mind of how your product will look on the shelf, but it needs to be in that perfect color. Here is your answer. Our different colored plastic jars come in many sizes as well. The single wall jars are different from the 2-piece double wall jars. Those made of PET are of the polyester family, semi-rigid, and very lightweight. If your products have percentages above 5% for essential oils and 15% for fragrance oils, these PET plastic jars might be for you. They are a great choice for lotion, cream, serum, gel, putty, clay, hair and skin products, cleanser, and other personal care products. Look around and be sure to email or call if you have any questions. We aim to please all of our customers with every single one of our PP, HDPE, and PET plastic jar bulk orders and overall customer service.

Single Wall Amber Jars
Double Wall Black Jars
Single Wall BlueJars
These single wall amber PET jars come in many different sizes.
Many sizes in PP and PS material.
Blue PET jars for all your needs.
Double Wall White Jars
Single Wall Black Jars
Single Wall Clear Jars
Lots of selection of white jars in PP, PS and even HDPE.
Black Single Wall jars for your cosmetic needs.
Many choices of clear, sharp looking jars with lids for all your needs.
Single Wall White Jars
Single Wall Green Jars
Single Wall White Jars for every "single" need.
Green PET, Single Wall jars in various sizes.
Single wall natural jars to provide a different look for your product.