Flat Round Seamless Tin Case Page

Flat Round Seamless Tin Case Page


  • Ideal for sample retention and storage
  • Perfect for salves, ointments
  • Slip-on tops
    • Snug fitting
    • Smooth outer surface for labeling

You may want to order a Sample Pack to try out the different sizes. You can also order by the set - a top and bottom together. Check it out!

Check out the discounted prices for bulk orders - purchase by the case. The table below shows prices and case quantities.

Our Seamless Tins are generally used for industrial purposes. However, they work very well for party favors and other uses. PLEASE NOTE: if you order less than a case, the possibility of damage increases due to compromised packaging. Generally, this isn't a problem. However, for this reason we do not accept returns of UPS damaged product if the package contains less than a full case.

PLEASE NOTE: Below you will find the most detailed information we have on our Round Seamless Tins. We do not carry any other sizes or types of Round Seamless Tins. For other size options you might consider our Paint Cans and Slip Cover Cans.

Flat Round Tins (order by the case or less than case quantities)

(Dia. x H. inches)
Price per piece
(for less than case)
Case Qty.
Price per piece
(when ordering a case)
BMFRB05-TOP 1/2 Slip-on Cover $0.11 5000 $0.10
BMFRB05-BTM 1/2 1.50 x .53 $0.32 5000 $0.29
BMFRB1-TOP 1 Slip-on Cover $0.19 2500 $0.17
BMFRB1-BTM 1 1.91 x .72 $0.54 2500 $0.51
BMFRB2-TOP 2 Slip-on Cover $0.23 2000 $0.18
BMFRB2-BTM 2 2.38 x .78 $0.69 1000 $0.66
BMFRB3-TOP 3 Slip-on Cover $0.24 1000 $0.23
BMFRB3-BTM 3 2.69 x .97 $0.99 1000 $0.95
BMFRB4-TOP 4 Slip-on Cover $0.26 1000 $0.24
BMFRB4-BTM 4 3 x .97 $1.11 800 $1.06
*Note: The measurement of ounces is not fluid ounces, these tins are measured to hold inks.