Drum Gauges and Drum Sticks

Drum Gauges and Drum Sticks
Take the guesswork out of measuring. When you want to know exactly how much product you have in your drum, use a gauge. There are many options to drum gauges.

Our Ultrasonic Drum Gauge will continuously measure the fluid level, without the display going out, when it is connected to the power source options.

Our Pop-Up Drum Gauge is a "must have" for any filling operation. The bright red indicator pops up when drum is nearly full.

At-A-Glance Gauge with galvanize steel rod is the economical choice for measuring the contents of your steel or plastic drums. Leak proof and reliable, the design is simple, stays accurate and is built to last.

Have a horizontal drum? Use a Calibrated Sight Gauge. Use this gauge with a 3/4" NPT faucet for continuous gauging and dispensing (faucet is not included). There is a Standard, a Stainless, or a PVC version for your different gauge needs.

Ideal for petroleum products or other chemical is our Glass Sight Gauges. The Standard Glass Sight Gauge with Buna-N Seal, or the Chemical Glass Sight Gauge with Vitron Seal.

Our Versatile Fill Drum Gauge makes repetition easier. Fill the first container to the level you want, record the fill gauge reading using the built -in reference marker, and then each container after that can be filled until the level indicator reaches the reference marker. Simple and easy.

The 55 Gallon Gauge Stick features a light clear coating on two sides. It's calibrated in gallons with ink filled graduations.

The light pink color of Kolor Kut® Gauge Pole Indicator Paste turns red on contact with fluid. Use the Water Paste to find settled water, and the Fuel Paste to find the fluid levels of fuels and other chemicals.

Hardwood Gauge Poles come in many different sizes and are perfect for gauging below ground tanks, railcars, tank trailers and other hard to get containers. They have a heavy catalyzed clear-coat finish and large ink-filled graduations.