HDD55 --> Expo™ Heater Dolly, 120V

HDD55 --> Expo™ Heater Dolly, 120V
Item# HDD55

Product Description

  • Expo™ Heater Dolly
  • This unique and versatile heater dolly for 55 Gallon steel drum
  • Designed for non-flammable
  • Designed for non-combustible
  • Designed for non-hazardous heat sensitive materials
  • The heater dolly uses infinite control heat which cycles the current on and off to create a pulsing action
  • 1,750 Watt heating element
  • 15-1/4" square
  • 1/4" thick aluminium pressure plate
  • Capacity of 900 lbs.
  • These heaters do not have a thermostat and will not automatically reach and hold a given temperature
  • Has four 3" diameter steel swivel casters
  • Supplied with a six foot power cord and high amperage (NEMA 5-20P) three pin plug
  • Heater is for indoor only
  • It is considered a low temperature heater and cannot be used with plastic, plastic lined or fiber drums
  • Power of 120V
  • UL ans CSA listed