Open-Head Plastic Tapered Pails, FDA and UN Rated

Open-Head Plastic Tapered Pails, FDA and UN Rated
When you need to ship your products, or you have some food items to store away, you need a really good pail. Here is your answer. Most of these pails meet FDA and USDA regulations, but make sure you check on the order page of each color just to be sure. Some of the pails meet UN specifications when combined with the correct lid. In all cases, there are great tear tab lids, as an option for a cover, that will give you a great seal and tamper evidence. You can use these for food storage or shipping of your products. These are high quality shipping, storage and utility containers. Most can be hot filled up to 150° F. Part N2120W (minimum 70mil) and part #N2110W-G (minimum 60 mil) can be hot filled up to 140° F. The empty pails nest for low cost shipping and storage. Bottom of pail nests with covers for secure stacking of filled pails, and they come with heavy-duty handles with molded plastic grip.

Be sure to order all the supplies you need for your drums. We sell Pail Lids, Pail Liners, Pumps, and Pail Openers. See our "Equipment & Supplies" category.

Open-Head Plastic Tapered Pails
Height (in.)
Weight (lbs.)
N2160W-UN-CD 6 gal. White 17 1/8 2.8$11.77
N2150Y-CD* 5 gal. Yellow 14 1⁄2 2.6$8.97
N2150R-CD* 5 gal. Red 14 1⁄2 2.6$8.52
N2150BL-CD* 5 gal. Blue 14 1⁄2 2.6$8.52
N2150VGR-CD* 5 gal. Green 14 1⁄2 2.6$8.52
N2150BUN-CD* 5 gal. Black 14 1⁄2 2.6$8.45
NP2150W-CD* 5 gal. White 14 1⁄2 2.6$8.84
N2150G-CD* 5 gal. Gray 14 1⁄2 2.6$8.45
N2150N-CD* 5 gal. Natural 14 1⁄2 2.6$8.45
ROP2135-WM 3.5 gal. White 11 1⁄8 1.61$8.00
N2135W 3.5 gal. White 10 1⁄2 2.3$8.45
N2135BKS 3.5 gal. Black 10 1⁄2 2.3$8.45
N2120W 2 gal. White 6 1/4 1.1$5.75
N2120B 2 gal. Black 6 1/4 1$6.65
N2110W-G 1 gal. White (w/ Cover and Gasket) 6 3/8 .5$4.50
*Dimensions for a 5 gallon pail - top diameter 11-7/8" and bottom diameter 10-1/2"
Note: All open-head buckets manufactured in the U.S. that hold 4 gallons or more have child drowning labels
Also Note: 6 gallon containers attain UN specification of 1H2/Y43/S, and 5 gallon containers attain UN specification 1H2/Y1.5/30 - both when combined w/ UN rated covers.


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