Steel Drums Contains & Barrels for Sale

Drum Containers & Steel Barrels for Sale

At Best Containers, we carry a wide array of drum containers and steel barrels for sale. When looking for steel barrels for sale, make sure you know if you need carbon or stainless steel. Do you need a UN Rating for shipping of hazardous chemicals, or a non-rated drum. Some products might need an epoxy lining in the drum, while others will work with the basic rust inhibitor lined drum. What about access to the inside of the drum? Do you want an open head or closed head? No matter what drum container you decide on, we can help you with our wide selection to choose from at Best Containers.

Looking to purchase something other than our steel barrels for sale? We also have plastic drum containers and specialty drums. There are many things to learn about drum types and openings. We have lots of information available here. Our carbon steel drums are the most common and have a UN Rating for shipping of hazardous chemicals. They are available in open head or closed head styles. The stainless steel drums are great for pharmaceuticals or food use. We have steel salvage (over pack) drums as well as our standard (non UN Rated) steel drums. Remember to order your accessories: drum liners, drum wrenches, pumps, dollies, faucets, and cap seals. With the right tools, your product will be stored efficiently.

If you have questions regarding our steel drum containers or steel barrels for sale, please call or send us a message.