Steel Pail Pumps

Steel Pail Pumps
  • Ideal for light liquids, soaps oils, non-flammable solvents
  • Delivers approximately 4 ounces per stroke
  • Fits almost any 5 gallon pail
  • Highly polished carbon steel body
  • Polyethylene piston and packing
  • Neoprene head gasket
  • Choice of two styles
    • Flexspout® adapter or
    • Set of four screw cap adapters (1-3/4", 2-1/8", 2-1/4", 2-7/8")
  • Replacement kit
    • Includes pre-assembled handle/piston and all internal parts
  • Adjustable Metering Collar (not shown)
    • Slips over handle
    • Is secured with a set screw to permit repeatable strokes from 2 to 4 ounces
Part No.
Weight (lbs.)
Pump with Screw Cap Adapters
Adjustable metering collar
*Note: Prices on table are given per pump when ordering 6 or more. Individual prices and other price breaks located at each link