TSG55018 --> Drum Thermometer, 55 Gallon, 18" Long Stem

TSG55018 --> Drum Thermometer, 55 Gallon, 18" Long Stem
Item# TSG55018

Product Description

When measuring the temperature of fluids in your 55 gallon plastic or steel drum, you will need a thermometer that measures accurately, such as these drum thermometers. They are of corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel and have a 1/4" diameter and an 18" long stem. The safety glass shatter-resistant lens protects the hermetically sealed dial mechanism, and it has a temperature range of 0-200 degrees.

  • Drum Thermometer for 55 Gallon Drums
  • Works with steel or plastic drums
  • Corrosion and shock resistant
  • Large, easy to read dial
  • 50-550°F temperature range
  • Engineered with safeguards against moisture damage, vibration, and chemical attack
  • Longer or shorter stem lengths and thermometers with higher or lower temperature ranges are available upon request by special order.